Kan du lyde som en Dan Dryer?

Call for Participation in Dan Dryer Project

Kan du lyde som Dan Dryer? Jaja, ham der tørrer dine hænder efter et offentligt toiletbesøg. John Drever er i færd med at skabe et værk til Radars Audio Canvas, men har brug for din stemme. Værket bliver opført d. 03.06.16 på Radar i forbindelse med arrangementet 'Sound Art Matters'

Følg John's anvisninger herunder:

"I am making a sound installation for Radar’s 3D Sound-o-Matic system installed in their wardrobe and restrooms to be shown on Friday 3rd June 2016, as part of the Sound Art Matter 2016 conference. This work represents one of my activities during my residency at Godsbanen and the Participatory IT group at Aarhus University.

The subject matter for the installation is Denmark’s hand dryer brand the Dan Dryer, identified by its Viking logo. In the past I have composed with hand dryer recordings directly (Example here) . This time I want the project to be participative and vocal.


Please listen carefully to the recordings I have made of the Dan Dryer in operation (Turbo Design model). Please note, if you have sensitive hearing please adjust sound playback levels for comfort. (Embed nedenfor)

After auditing the recordings, please record yourself emulating/mimicking/imitating/singing/sounding the Dan Dryer recordings with your voice as best as you can. There is no correct or incorrect way of doing this, just try your best. Moreover, there is absolutely no restriction on who can participate in this project. All welcome!

Please email me (j.drever@gold.ac.uk) or make your recordings available online by the 27th May. Multiple recordings are welcome. You will be credited as a participant, unless you prefer to remain anonymous. By submitting recordings, you are giving consent for me to use them in this and future realisations of the project.

I look forward to hearing your submissions."

Værket bliver del af Radars repertoire af værker udviklet specielt til vores AUDIO CANVAS.

Vi glæder os til at høre resultatet, og til at have det som en del af fremtidens Radar!

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