Tour-bus Ambience

af Steffan Lykke Møller, 09.04.2018

Det nordirske band And So I Watch You From Afar giver koncert på Radar 12. april. Vi har bedt Rory Friers fra bandet fortælle, hvad han foretrækker at lytte til i tour-bussen.


Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol 2

I listen to a lot of Colin Stetson, huge cascading movements of bass saxophone, relentless circular breathing. He mics up every part of the instrument and the room he’s in as well as a mic strapped to his throat which he sings choked melodies through, an absolute virtuoso and master of using an instrument to create real tension and emotion, all his stuff is amazing, this album is my favourite.

Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruins

One of my favourite bands off all time, I’d been to see them with my girlfriend just before the tour, they’re just a masterclass in songwriting, Daniel Rossen is one of my favourite guitarists and his voice just destroys me every time. Like a lot of Grizzly Bear, this album just grabbed me first listen and took me a million miles away, it’s perfect.

Converge - The Dusk in Us

One of my favourite bands of all time with one of their best albums yet. There is a plethora of absolute dense energy and passion that comes through in this record. Once again another brilliant piece of production by Kurt Ballou. A band at the peak of their artistry.

Jed Kurzel - Alien: Covenant (OST)

Id listened to his score on Snowtown a lot when Niall and I were composing the score for The Cured last year. I love the way he creates tension in his tracks, so when i saw he was scoring my absolute favourite cinematic world of the Alien series I was really excited, the orchestral pieces on this are really excellent, it makes walking into town for a coffee feel like a spacewalk.

Statue - Calexico Point

They played an after show at one of our concerts in Maastricht on the last tour. I was supposed to be packing our gear down but was transfixed on this band with four guitarists. Afterwards one of the guys gave me a CD and we had them on repeat for a lot of the big drives, reminds me of good times, a companion to many miles on the road.

Rory Friers og resten af And So I Watch You From Afar kan opleves på Radar 12. april. Du kan købe billet HER.