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Jomi Massage / Alicia Jane Turner / Orchid Domain

In connection with Convention#1: Sounding Gender Across The Floor presents 3 performances at Radar featuring both established and emerging artists whose work has a significant relation to questions of gender and identity, whilst working in the genre-realm of Experimental Music and Sound Art.

Jomi Massage

ENG: Jomi Massage is the moniker of by Signe Høirup Wille-Jørgensen, when she steps aside from her band Speaker Bite Me and acts on her own.

Her music is always in flux and takes on various shapes which are channelled vividly and emotionally through the entire body of Signe as a performer. Apart from her work in music Signe also operates in the field on installations and film music and could very well own the title as one of the most significant female pioneers on the Danish alternative/Experimental Rock music scene for the past two decades. 

DK: Bag Jomi Massage står Signe Høirup-wille Jørgensen, som igennem en årrække har spillet en signifikant rolle på den danske alternative musikscene som medlem af Speaker Bite Me. Jomi Massage bevæger sig i nuet og er altid under udvikling. Musikken ligger i et krydsfelt hvor det sensuelle og det eksistentielle støder sammen i eet intenst kropsligt udtryk, der sjældent lader sig indfange i een bestemt form eller sandhed.

Alicia Jane Turner

ENGAlicia is a London-based composer, violinist and performance artist working across live art, theatre and experimental music. Her practice focuses on the visceral affectivity of sound and live music in performance, using compositions and immersive sound design to interrogate the relationship between the internal and external body and ask questions about identity, vulnerability and intimacy.

At Convention#1 Alicia will present the work "Quiver" which combines electronics, distortion, feedback and the resonant body of a violin alongside intimate sounds of the female orgasm to interrogate the gender disparity within experimental music. In the performance Alicia uses these embodied female sounds to assert the gendered body at the centre of the music. 

DK: Alicia Jane Turner er london-baseret komponist, violinist og performancekunstner, som arbejder på tværs af teater og eksperimenterende musik. På Convention#1 præsenterer hun værket "Quiver", hvor hun bruger optagede lyde fra vibratorer og egne orgasmer, som loopes sammen og manipuleres med lag af droner, distortion og støj, mens det ligeledes akkompagneres af hende selv på violin.

Orchid Domain

ENGOrchid Domain is a self-invented Nirvana, a state of mind. Its an uncategorized, non-binary & feministic project initiated by Kristoffer Raasted who identifies as an artist, and functions as a vocalist, sound artist and performer in various collaborations. The processual aspect of shaping various sonic materials into songs, is a main interest. In combining analog with eletronic and digital sound sources, the meeting point between digital-reality and a lived experience of the material world, is examined.

For Convention#1 Orchid Domain will perform a trio-concert, presenting a piece that relates to questions of uncategorised/non-binary digital post-identities, voice and also to questions relating to the ephemerality and tactility of sound as a material. In relation to staging ideas concieved in the antistic praxis, and communicating conceptually, Orchid Domain can be said to aiming utopially at decolonising the concert situation, and creating a safe-space for undefined (post-) identities. 

DK: Orchid Domain er et ukategoriseret, non-binært feministisk projekt skabt af Kristoffer Raasted, som identificerer sig selv som artist, vokalist, lydkunstner og performer i forskellige sammenhænge. Til Convention#1 vil Orchid Domain opføre en trio-koncert der omhandler det ukategoriserede/non-binære, digital post-identitet, stemmen og spørgsmål om det forgængelige og taktile vedrørende lyd som materiale.

Access to this event is included in the full event ticket for Convention#1. (3-5 august) 

Separate tickets for these concerts are also available. 

For more info go to www.acrossthefloor.net/convention-1.