Ableton User Event

2019’s first Ableton User Event in Denmark

Radar is pleased to present 2019’s first Ableton User Event in Denmark. Following on from some great times in 2018, we open our doors and bid welcome once again to all users of Ableton Live, music nerds, curious bystanders and musicians who use technology to perform.

This time around we’re setting the focus on Controllerism, starting off with a seminar from Ableton Certified Trainer Merlyn Silva, followed by another ‘Against The Clock’-style competition, where you can win a brand new Push 2!

We’ll close the evening with a cozy Link jam across 2 rooms, and some social mingling. Merlyn will be on hand throughout to help you with your Live sets, answer any questions you have about Ableton’s products, and offer advice on production, composition and performing.

There will be multiple Push 2 units placed around the room, so you can plug in your laptops and experience the device.

The Plan
19:00 Arrive and chill
19:30 Seminar - ‘How to be a controllerist if you suck at finger-drumming!’ Merlyn shares some tips, hacks and insights into performing with controllers and technology, using Live 10’s native devices.
20:30 Competition - Win a Push 2, kindly sponsored by Futureware and Ableton! Details below…
21:45 Link Jam, Q&A with Merlyn, beers and good vibes

The Competition
Once again we will be going against the clock, going head-to-head and performing for a few minutes, with our Live sets projected on the screen behind us. 

Each participant sets up their gear, plugs into the projector, and gets up to 4 minutes to prepare a live set from scratch, with everyone watching.

Anything goes, as long as you start with an empty set.

You can use your own instrument racks, presets and drum racks, if you like, as long as they only take up one track each - so no dragging-and-dropping big pre-made .als files!

When the bell rings, you then have up to 3 minutes to perform with the set they’ve built.

The audience will give each 7-minute performance marks out of 10 for: ‘flow’, ‘controllerism’, ‘originality’ and of course, ‘music’. The performer with the most points wins the Push!

You will need: your laptop, headphones, any controllers you use, and any gear that’s necessary to your jams- soundcards, microphones, fx pedals etc

Radar will provide a minijack in (to their speakers), and also a balanced jack/XLR input, if you bring a soundcard.

If you don’t come prepared, and want to join in at the last minute, that’s fine: you can use Merlyn’s laptop (with Live 10’s Packs installed) and a Push 2.

Lets do this! See you in January for another great night of beats, beer and Ableton.