Ableton User Event #5: Field Recording and Granular Synthesis

Radar and Merlyn Silva present Jylland’s first Ableton User Event of the 2020’s! Join us on February 8th for a nerd-tastic session of hygge and music production. This time the theme is: field recording and granular synthesis!

We will be venturing out into the freezing depths of Godsbanen to collect some found sounds and field recordings. After being introduced to different approaches to recording the big wide world, discussing gear and best practices, we will head back into the warm and build some virtual instruments with the material we create, learning a little about sampling and granulising sound on the way.

To join in you will need:

- Laptop
- Headphones
- A recording device, for example a smart phone or a Zoom. Audio quality is not the focus of these exercises - the dirtier the better! - so your iPhone mic will do just fine.
- A copy of Ableton Live 9 or 10 - Standard or Suite.

Once we’ve finished, we will collect all the instruments we make and add them to a dropbox folder, so we all leave with a bag of new musical tricks!