Ableton User Event

Radar is pleased to present 2021’s first physical Ableton User Event in Denmark. After nearly 6 months of endless streams and staring at screens in our bedrooms and studios, its time to get social and create music together! So this time we'll focus on jamming within structured improvisations where any musical reference is welcome. All you need to bring is your laptop, audio interface, your favorite controllers and other toys of your choice. Lets celebrate that we once again can share each others physical presence and share ideas - the bar will be open and we are looking forward to a great night out!

The event is free!

Due to Covid-16 the event is with very limited capacity and is a seated event with unnumbered rows of chairs and tables. There will be special guidelines that must be respected during the event, and you are asked to always follow the staff's instructions during the entire visit to the venue. Read the guidelines before your visit to