Ableton User Event

Radar is pleased to present 2021’s first physical Ableton User Event in Denmark. Finally we will be able to sit down together and share music nerdery, live music, beers and of course the community vibe which is highly missed during the times of lockdown - put simply - the bar is open and we are eager for you too join!

The program will be announced shortly and we promise loads of interesting insights and food for thought for all users of Ableton Live, music nerds, curious bystanders and musicians who use technology to perform.

Lets celebrate that we once again can share each others physical presence and share ideas - and a cold cold beer!

The event is free but registration is required via ticket link.

The concert is with very limited capacity and is a seated event with unnumbered rows of chairs and tables. There will be special guidelines that must be respected during the event, and you are asked to always follow the staff's instructions during the entire visit to the venue.