Ableton User Event: Sampling Techniques

DATE: 04.05.2022
TIME: 19.00 - 21.00
Where: DOKK1 - Rampen
Entrance: Free
Language: English
What to bring: Laptop

Radar is pleased to present 2022’s first physical Ableton User Event in Denmark which will take place at Dokk1. This time we are joined by Ableton Certified Trainer Merlyn Silva and sound artist Thomas Thomsen who will focus on sampling techniques. Sampling has been an essential part of producing electronic music since Pierre Schäfer, Pierre Henry and Else Marie Pade introduced “Musique Concrete” back in the late 1940’s and this event will take sampling to the next level. Program is as follows:

19.00 Welcome

19.10 “Transformation”
Musician and sound artist Thomas Thomsen will present his latest work “Transformation” and how has worked with sampling in his process. Thomas will then present a series of sampling techniques, that he uses and how you can compose with samples in a number of different ways. Thomas will bring some samples, that the participants can use, but they are welcome to bring their own samples.

19.45 Time to pick your samples!
There will be sample pack available with samples from DOKK1 at your disposal. Feel free to walk around and record your own samples at Dokk1.

20.00 Time to work!
Each participant works on their samples for 30 mins where Merlyn and Thomas assists the proces. The goal is to produce a looping piece of sound design.

20.40 Installation time!
The participants place their laptops around the space, using them to play back their sound design, and creating a spontaneous sound installation. After listening to the installation for a bit we will finish with a chat about how everyone experienced hearing their sounds in a multichannel and site-specific context.

21.00 See you next time!