Lovely Spaces 1.0

Lovely Spaces opens up with their first event!

A transmedial festival focusing on immersive media and co-creation
360 sound and light design installed during a three day residency at RADAR


Facilitating a hospitable space for us earth dwellers,
a lovely happening that is co-directed
by the lifeworks of four international composers:

Tanis Harald Degn Nielsen (DK)
Sophia Sagaradze (GE)
Andreas Brink Pedersen (DK)
Ewoud Van Eetvelde (BE)

We aim to bring immersive media to a low budget practice
and thereby making technology more accessible for creative use,
to nurture a community for spatial audio around Aarhus, Denmark.


18:00 - Doors
19:00 - Sophia Sagaradze [GE]
20:00 - ewoud Van Eetvelde [BE]
21:00 - Tanis 'Silke' Nielsen [DK]
22:00 - Andreas Brink Pedersen [DK]
23:00 - zabutom [SE]
[Artist descriptions]
Sophia Sagaradze
Sophia Sagaradze is a sound artist, composer, and performer from Georgia based in Denmark Her current artistic focus is on multichannel electronics, interactive installations, and multidisciplinary performances. Sophia creates works that revolve around the role and the borders between reality as an outer world and unreality as a boundless inner world. She holds a master's degree in electronic composition (DIEM) from the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus and a bachelor's degree in classical composition at Tbilisi State Conservatoire. Sophia recently got a talent prize in composition from Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s Foundation. During the performance, her main focus will be on voice, breath, and choir to create a very personal atmosphere of a lovely space. Where you are you, with all your happiness, pain, and confusion.
ewoud Van Eetvelde
ewoud Van Eetvelde is the initiator of Lovely Spaces festival. Growing up in Belgium he has a background in jazz, rock and classical guitar. After finishing his Nordic Master in Jazz throughout the conservatories in Helsinki, Stockholm and Aarhus.
He addresses himself as a performer, composer and multimedia artist. His work revolves around animating gestures, stories and experiences throughout 3D audio spatialization, electronics, instrumental improvisation and light design.
With Exploring ROOM, ewoud brings his organic vocal trio and their repertoire into a blender. Re-sequencing compositions and their parts into a play of acoustic sounds, electric amplification and immersive 3D sound and light design. Exploring the space of the intimate and the colossal, the dry and the wet, the soft and the loud, with on top inviting glissandi dreams to a glistening resonance.
Andreas Brink Pedersen
Andreas Brink Pedersen considers his music a safe space to be immersed in emotions such as grief and nostalgia. Currently studying the electronic masters program in the Music Conservatory of Aarhus (DIEM). The music is slow sad and
involving and it is highly recommended to use the concert and his music in general as an opportunity to share a moment of sadness with a friend or a stranger. Its emo-ambient and its here to welcome your tears.
Tanis 'Silke' Nielsen
Tanis 'Silke' Nielsen is an Århus-based, non-binary composer, who makes intricate IDM under the pseudonyms '****&c.' or 'Beepetc.'. Their work also exceeds traditional electronic composition methods, as seen in their live-coding drama 'Programmer' and their food-percussion quintet piece 'Misophony for Chips, Popcorn and Soda'. For Lovely Spaces, Tanis' focus is imagination and childhood nostalgia. In their own piece 'Pulchritudinous Places' they're hosting a 'pen & paper' roleplaying game with immersive surround sound and lighting. Tanis will act as storyteller, creating a world for four players, who will explore an imaginary and wildly psychedelic funfair, featuring:
Saga Kapna as 'Anne-Mette Nielsen Jensen',
Noah Nielsen as 'Johnny Båndgo',
Sophie Kelly as Chonny Chlamydia'
Anders Andersen as the depressive butler, 'Gilbert'.
Their other curation is the Swedish composer Zabutom. You can read more about Zabutom in his description.
zabutom is a Swedish electronic music producer that has developed his own eclectic brand of music across the last two decades. It can be described as having a clear focus on melodies and harmony, while taking influences from video game music and a wide variety of genres. He performs just as well using just the raw sounds of a couple of gameboys, as with the sounds of electronica, breakbeats and ambient soundscapes. He has his roots in the chip music scene where he is widely acclaimed as one of the key influental figures, having performed live internationally since 2004, released music on labels such as Data Airlines, Ubiktune and 8bitpeoples and produced music for a myriad of demoscene productions.


Organized by Aarhus Lydforening (ALF), RADAR

Supported by Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere (AUT), KODA kultur, Music City Aarhus 2022, Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune