AUT & Radar are very happy to present this assembly of concerts under their collaboration Ocean of Sound. The Ocean of Sound concert series aims at presenting experimental music crossing borders and mixing different cultural and aesthetic backgrounds.
For the festival we’ve invited 4 interesting acts that each investigate the sonic world in a highly original way!

Dive into the Ocean with us!

Doors: Kl. 19.00
Show: Kl. 20.00
One day ticket : 100,- kr. / 50,- w. AUT membership



Monday, June 7th

TOECHTER is a band researching the use of string instruments in sound design. Using their classical training as a starting point, they experiment, improvise and arrange for strings. Adding layers of electronics to expand their language of sound, they reach out for collaborations in the fields of contemporary pop, jazz, electronic music and experimental.
Get ready to swim around in beautiful sounds!

Thursday, June 10th

Ensembles K!ART & EKKI MINNA Duo have come together to play a concert of works which bridge the gap between different stylistic and cultural inspirations, media and disciplines. Mads-Emil Dreyer's new work written for Ekki Minna (joined by percussionist Katerina Anagnostidou) and premieres of new pieces by composers Jens-Peter Møller and Martyna Kosecka, specifically written for a rock band instrumentation instead of classical instruments. On the program is also the Aarhus premier of Stefan Prins “Generation Kill”: music with computers, gamecontollers and live-projection.
Get ready for a multimedia explosion!

Sunday, June 13th - Double concert

Jakob Buchanan has a unique beautiful voice on his flugelhorn and trumpet. During his career his has presented an original body of work, both as an instrumentalist and a composer, investigating formats from intimate jazz over big band music and choir music. For this concert Jakob will be performing solo, a unique opportunity to see this great musician in the most intimate and honest setting possible

Ensemble Transduct is a group dedicated to performing the most curious and adventurous new music. Transduct’s work is reflecting the present time, a time where the physical and the digital reality is merging, and where ideas that were once taken for granted is constantly reevaluated and recontextualized. Transduct is both working as a creative ensemble and collaborating with composers, and at this concert we will present pieces by Marta Sniady, Xavier Bonfill, Loic Destremau and Ensemble Transduct.