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Pre-Spot: Yachtvej presents...

Billetsalget starter tirsdag 19. april 2022

Y A C H T V E J  P R E S E N T S . . .

If you need the perfect warm-up for two hectic days of Spot Festival, look no further.

Yachtvej, one of Denmarks most exciting new indie labels, is bringing three of their newest signings to Radar the night before the official Spot Festival program kicks off. It is traditionally one of the most well visited and hyped pre-festival showcases and this year is no different.

Thomas Bach Skaarup of Yachtvej:

"We're absolutely thrilled to be able to not only give debut concerts to two of these artists, but also be able to showcase the eclectic width of our roster - from the amazingly powerful and intimate voice of Ninna Lundberg, to Sonic Girl's explosive hyperpop, to Denmark's perhaps best bet for a new pop star - Dayyani. We can't wait to give you a full night of high variety: equal parts intense listening, sonic freak-outs and booty bouncing".

19:00: DOORS
22:00: DAYYANI

Ninna Lundberg

Ninna Lundbergs vocal so stylishly tempers the body's longings, that you don’t know whether to shed a tear or do a spontaneous handstand” - GAFFA, GANGER LIVE REVIEW.

She is touted for her prominent role in Ganger as one of the most distinctive and original new voices in Denmark.

Now Ninna Lundberg brings a 6-piece band, including saxophones and choir, with her for her debut concert as a solo artist, playing songs from her upcoming debut album "Two Two of You": a collection of experimental lullabies, dusty piano tunes and field recordings from both the countryside and the city, all of which in equal parts of power and disquietude in the songwriting evokes echoes of PJ Harvey, Karen Dalton and Angel Olsen, but is still unequivocally her own. 

There will also be live-mixing of field recordings and ambience along with the band, so the concert will be quite a sonic experience.

Sonic Girl

We’re also thrilled to present sonic girls expansive hyperpop universe, with it's trance-hymns and bonfire guitar ballads mixed with lyrics that are saturated with intentional clichés about our digital reality, fantasies of stardom and the madness of idolization.

Presenting songs from her debut album ‘confessions’, this is also her debut concert - not just that. It's her very first time stepping on a stage. She's incredibly excited to finally present her hybrid persona of real life superstar and full blown avatar to the world.

Sonic girl was prominently featured in Soundvenues guide to Danish hyperpop artists, and have also video-premiered her singles ‘girlfriend’ and ‘hackerboy’ and ‘dj of my dreams’ They’ve also included her on their list of most anticipated Danish albums of 2022 and was on their Top 10 most promising artists of 2021.

Sonic Girl Pressebillede_Cecilie-Rolvung-(1)-WEB.jpg


Last but not least is 23-year old Danish-Iranian Dayyani and her prodigius youthful sounds of soulful, energetic pop music that will make you yearn for 2002.

We're talking Backstreet Boys, Britney and Destinys Child, casually thrown into a refreshingly melodic contemporary cocktail of Scandinavian R&B, Arabic notation and punch-you-in-the-face awesomeness.

Her two latest singles, “My Shit” and “Casual” have enjoyed plenty of airtime on Danish National Radios P3 and she is booked to play this year's Roskilde Festival along with her incredible live band.

Having started the year with a two month hiatus in Brazil, gathering inspiration and writing songs for her upcoming debut album, 2022 is shaping up to be Dayyanis breakthrough year. Be sure to catch her at this showcase, before she explodes into the bigtime.

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