Multichannel Audio Concert // By ALF

Immerse Yourself in our Sonic worlds

Get ready for an unforgettable musical journey as we bring you a Multichannel Audio Concert that will transport you to new realms of sound and sensation!

Jonas Thinggaard is a composer, producer, and sound artist working with a wide variety of projects ranging from pop music and commercial sound design to ambient music, sound art, and immersive live performances. In his compositions, he uses many home-built instruments as sound sources which makes the works organic and unpredictable, as the instruments can be somewhat unreliable and add a wanted flavor of uncertainty.

Alexander Rye is a sound designer and audiovisual artist. He works with storytelling through sound with a background in producing sound installations, interaction design, and audiovisual performances. As a composer, he crafts site-specific environments, setting the stage with musical styles like ambient and electronica to evoke atmospheric and spatial narratives.

The following artists will also perform:

- Frederik Hansen
- Iina Johanson
- Tanis Silke Nielsen
- Rasmus Vigant Samuelsen

Experience the Magic of Multichannel Audio live at Radar.
We're looking forward to seeing you <3