Smertegrænsens Toldere + Anti Ritual


Copenhagen's ANTI RITUAL returns to the EP format with its third offering entitled ‘Green Terrorism’. Solemn perspectives on the effects of capitalism on the global climate was indeed present on the quartet’s 2021 album ‘Expel The Leeches’, but on the new EP, this has become the main theme, adding a call for action and a no tolerance approach towards those destroying our planet for profit.


In musical terms, ANTI RITUAL’s focus this time around has been to cut to the bone and work within a self imposed dogma of writing a collection of short songs fitting on a 7” vinyl. This has led to a six track EP with a total playing time of circa 8 minutes. What is presented here is the absolute distillation of the mordant and caustic black/grind hardcore sound that the band has had front and center since its self titled 2014 debut EP.


ANTI RITUAL is still fiercely DIY in their approach, writing, arranging, recording, producing and layouting everything themselves. For the artwork, the band has sought the skills and vision of 16 year old artist Neel Krogholt Bjørst in order to represent and visualize the outlook of those inheriting the world t we leave behind. The band states on the release:


“It is our hope, that one day future generations can look back at records such as this, and agree that it is a representation of classic 2020’s climate pessimism and call for activistic action, rather than someone digging it out of the rubble of a ruined world, wondering if it can be eaten or used to build a fire to survive by.”


ANTI RITUAL’s new EP ‘Green Terrorism’ is released on 7” vinyl in 200 copies and digital formats on May 5th 2023 via Indisciplinarian. The EP is produced by the band itself with recording and mix by bass player K. B. Larsen, mastering by Brad Boatright/Audiosiege and artwork by Neel Krogholt Bjørst.

Smertegrænsens Toldere

Smertegrænsens Toldere fra Århus spiller den hurtige hardcore punk, og kører den ind med Blod, Sved & Sæd og andre korte hymner om livet.